The effects of COVID-19 created a significant increase in Restraining Order cases. With everyone being confined at home it has not come without conflict.
Families are being challenged with staying together. Neighbors interact more frequently finding out that  not everyone gets along.

Case: Neighbor vs. Neighbor

We represented a gentleman, the Respondent, that lived in a senior living apartment complex. His neighbor alleged he bumped into her car, ran into her with a latter causing bruising and threatened her with a tool as a weapon. After evidence was presented  the court did not grant the restraining order against our client and dismissed the case.

Case: College Student Roomates vs. College Student Roomate

We represented the Respondent who moved out of an apartment to only return to for a move out walk through with the landlord. The Petitioners alleged that my client and a family member harassed them as they came over for the walk through along with months of intimidation. After a full day of testimony, the judge found in favor of our client and denied the restraining order.

Case: Employer vs. Employee

We represented the employer who was threatened by a former employer. After threats of destruction of company property, evidence of actual property destroyed, we were able to establish through the use of text messages and audio recordings that an order should be granted. Former employee is restricted from coming within 100 yards of client and his business.

Case: Neighbor vs. Neighbor

We represented a homeowner, the Petitioner, who was harassed by a neighbor pointing cameras directly facing toward their home windows and backyard. After presentation of evidence through the use of personal testimony, photographs and satellite images we were successful in getting the court to grant a restraining order. The Respondent was ordered to remove the cameras and not have any personal direct or indirect contact with our client for 5 years.

Case: Neighbor vs. Neighbor

We represented a man, the Petitioner,  who was having issues with his neighbor who shared one side of his property with. The case arose out of a dispute over tree branches, backyard clutter and fencing damage.  The neighbor filed a restraining order in retaliation against our client. It escalated when the Respondent  made derogatory slurs directly toward my client, allowed his dog to attack the front door of our client’s home and eventually was spit in his face . The conduct was recorded on home security cameras which was reviewed by the court. After testimony, the judge granted the restraining order against the neighbor and denied neighbor’s request against our client.  

Case: Ex-Wife vs. Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend

We represented a woman where her husband’s ex-girlfriend file a restraining order against her for allegedly following her home and making a gesture.  We were able to ascertain an admission that she was the girlfriend, which was denied before, and with the use of social media posts no intimidation occured.  After testimony, the judge was able to see the Petitioner was just provoking our client and dismissed the case.